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Software Training
VolHedge Basic Options Trader
Essential tool for all Option traders to manage
Enables you to understand the Options in Depth
FinGraph Greek Options Trader
Advances Options charting tool that aids decition making and help catch trading opportunities.
Enables you to understand the Options Volatilityand Options Greeks in Depth
Easy RMS Vol Spread Trader
Realtime Risk Management System for every trading desk
Enables you to understand the 2nd line and Volatility Spread Strategy in Depth with Practical Sessions
FinExcel Advance Option Greeks For Retail Broking
An Innovative tool to explore evalute and track your Strategies in realtime
Enables your team to become the master of Options
FinSimulator Advance Option Greeks For Arbitrage
An Advanced Market Simulator to practice manual and automated trading with market prices
Enables your team to understand the 2nd line Greeks and Volatility spread Strategy in depth with Practical Session
FinBroadcaster Proffessional Excellence in Excel
A Unique software for every trading desk that can record live market and replay it anytime
Learn How MS Excel will help you in Financial Market
FinTester Derivatives Market for CA & MBA Students
Options Strategy Backtesting Tool
Theoretical & Practical Understanding of Market
FIST Expert Options Writer
An Algorithm based Program Trading Platform
Business Development Consultancy Nifty Low Risk Strategy
Reduce the risk & Maximize Profit
Don’t fear… If Market is Bear
Customised Algo - Software Devl. Service Finideas Strategy Testing
Develop Algo-Trading Platform with your own idea
Simulated Testing Under Derivatives Environment