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What type of support you are providing after completing the training ?

You can consult us about any topics of courses you have taken. You can mail us your query.

I m individual trader trading small quantity will FIST software suitable for me.?
do you provide algorithmic trading either in equity or futures?
Buying & Selling Indicator is available in IV (Implied Volatility) in your Software?
In which software show IV Plots?
What are the different modes of VH?
want to see last any months options price Open/close, & its behaviors with test it accordingly wants to trade in f&o market.?
Can I model a trade graphically and follow it live with the T+0 line on your software
Which software shows me which volatile to sell & buy indicator?
which software holds good for me ?
I have a portfolio in excel - for that portfolio I want to see a delta graph in excel or in your software - would that be possible ?
In option trading, I want to use 'Delta Neutral strategy.' Which software or tool should I use. Please tell me sir.
What is UDP?
Which software is covering most of the arbitrage strategies like condor butterfly box spread etc
i just want to know that which software is best for arbitrage purpose?
In Algo Trading platform will it helpful for Arbitrager for automatically trade and identify mispricing.?
I need options simple software which i can get a single profitable trade in a day?
Should I have demo of your Software ?
When & how should I get data feed for your software?
Should I have to pay data feed for your Software?
Should I Need to clear NISM / NCFM Test to use your software?
What is the difference between FIST & FinSimulator?
What is the difference between VolHedge & EasyRMS ?
If there is a software, then why should I opt Training ?
How will you install your software?
What are technical needs in these Software ?
Your various course like advance for arbitrage, retail desk etc are very expensive, it seems for rich people ?
how much return i expected by arbitrage?
I want to know about arbitrage opportunities in stock market ?
you have lots of courses which one is best to generate regular income
I will loss if market remains at same level & there is no movement.?
What about placement after completion of your course ?
I am doing NIfty Writer but know Greek by watching your Videos at
Please tell me in short about your Courses
How you will share course with us while I opt combo course?
But with out watching the complete course how can I start practicing on Softwares. To watch the course videos & understand them is one task & understand your softwares & practice on then is Second task.
what softwares you are providing with course for how many days?
Can u plz explain how can i make profit by executing call or put option?
How much capital should I invest in Options Market with minimum & maximum?
I m working on Ratio Spread strategy then there will be unexpected movement in Market like High Volatile then what action should I do
If I completed your courses then it is compulsory to purchase your software?
I have a synthetic long and a synthetic short ...and i am holding positions till the expiry ...then what is the risk ???
is there 0% risk in arbitrage ?
how to sell volatility with delta hedging?
What strategy should I take into action as per the view of Market scenario.
I need your help in knowing about trading?
What do you mean by options market?
"pls. gave me l&t fut staretrji close at 1603 witch call buy sell witch put by / sell"
Explain that ratio spread strategy as when should make it, negative point,positive point at all..
I know options basic & also trading in butterfly strategies wants to know more latest updated strategies available in market.
"I would think that option writer is a high risk taker compared to the trader. A trader operates in secondary market wherre as writer is inn primary market. Is it correct A writer can wrie both call and put options to neutralize his risks."
What is the differene between options trader and writer
Inn this trading how much of time one should spend each day to make an impact in terms of profits
Will I be instructed on how to physically start trading inn the market. i.e. the tools requried and method of starting trading in the market.
What is the length of the course. and what it offers
Once an decide on stop loss at a particular level say Rs 50,000 to 1,00,000. to start with. How much one can make on the up side limiting the loss to the investment.
I know Theory of Options but I dont have Practical knowledge of this.
Benefit of Learning Derivatives
Scop of Derivatives in Indian Derivatives Market
Please tell me about courses you offered in options
After completion of course is there any type of live time trading training program?
Which course will help in Delta Hedging?
You provide coaching?
How your Strategy works in F&O ?
What is future & Options
I am an individual trader how can you help me for making profits ?
Want to see your Faculty profile?
How you will conducting options training.?
I want to take Option training?
How long will I take to learn this
What are your courses about ?
Can you please guide how should I start trading in Market ?
How much rate of returns can earn after complete your course?
i wanted to have knowledge on intraday technical analysis
Can I trade in 1 or 2 lot in Options
how could i make me successful in this options field.?
My ultimate goal for next year is to manage people money like manage money lender money and give them3% per month and i earn little bit.. does it possible?
After course.. Is support limited like few months ?
What is the probability of loss after doing your course?
what type of strategies can apply if we have low margin?
Which of your course suggest me minimum risk & maximum rewards?
I Know Basic options, Greeks, & pricing as well as its strategies etc, but my aim is to become a professional options trader?
Do you teach positional trading, when to enter, when to exit with strategy if future trade goes in loss then how to recover it with option selling
I know basic options, want to know more in options ?
As I new in Options Market. What should I do?
I am new in Options ?
Rate of Interest remain constant for all stocks and indices ?
What is Online module of your Training?
What are you providing as Course Addons with Training ?
Are you providing software with your training ?
Finideas Training Vs other Institute
What are the supports given by your company?
I am not comfortable with Online Module. Don;t your provide Face to Face Training ?
do you give Job Guerentee with your Training?
Earlier you run webinar module of training. Why you stop that?
I am ready to travell anywhere in India. Is it possible to come at your end and learn Options?
Who wrote these books ?
Are you providing Study Material with your courses ?
Why Don't you give life time access to these videos?
What type of Stop Loss Machanism I should follow during Options Writing
Is options writing safe ?
I do only options writing. which course should I opt ?
How much confidence will I gain after completing course?
My age is more then 65. Am I be able to understand your course ?
After doing your courses I will surely get the profit from Trading ?
I want to learn options for Currency / Forex / foraign market. Are you providing training for the same?
Are your software required for trading after completing your Training
Benefit of Options Training
What type of training you are providing ?
Can I get Demo Training
Finideas Bank Detail
What happens if I find problem during workshop
What are the steps to become awesome trader in Options ?
Are you giving any guarantee that I will definetly earn from Options after completing you course
Can I pay fees in Installment ?
What are the benefit of Online Course
Where is Finideas Located?
Will you give support for life time after completing course?
Will you provide Certificate for course?
What about placement services?
Are you providing Tips for Options Trading?
What are the profile of Faculty?
What are the software? which are important tool for option trader?
FinIdeas provides Derivative education like?
Is Finideas becomes partner with us.?
What Finideas is doing?
What is Algoritm Trading ?
How Much fund I need to start algorithm Trading?
Is Algorithm Trading Risky?
Is Algorithm Trading Allowed in India?
What are the latest strategies for selling options business?

Why GOT and BOT are having lot of similar Strategies ?

Basic Options Trader includes introduction of some strategies on the basis of Expiry Day Pay off while we learn live market pay off of all the Strategies in Greek Options Trader. GOT explains how to manage those strategies in terms of Greeks, Spot, Time and Volality. We will also cover some advanced level Greek Based Strategies in Greek Options Trader.

What is the difference between Advanced Options Greeks for Arbitrage Desk and Retail Desk ?
Do you need internet for Corporate Training ?
What type of Infra You want for Corporate Training ?
Corporate Training Vs Online Training
I am only one person who want to learn. But I want to go for Advanced Options Greeks (For Retail / Arbitrage Desk) Course.
What is Advanced Options Greeks (Arbitrage and Retail Desk)
What is the difference between Advanced Options Greeks for Arbitrage Desk and Retail Desk ?
Do you need internet for Corporate Training ?
What type of Infra You want for Corporate Training ?
Corporate Training Vs Online Training
I am only one person who want to learn. But I want to go for Advanced Options Greeks (For Retail / Arbitrage Desk) Course.
What is Advanced Options Greeks (Arbitrage and Retail Desk)
Can I Trade after BOT ?
Job Opportunities after Completing BOT course
Faculty Profile for BOT
Are you including VB Macro in Professional Excellence in Excel course?
How Professional Excellence in Excel course help me in Options Trading?
What topics you are going to cover in Professional Excellence in Excel?
What is Professional Excellence in Excel?
What is the Concept behind Derivatives Market for CA / MBA Students Course?
Why Should I learn Greeks & How much returns I earn?
How can I make Delta Neutral during Trading ?
Will BOT course helps in Delta Hedging ?
How much rate of returns can expect while on completion of VST Course?
How much rate of returns can expect while on completion of EOW Course?
How much rate of returns can I expect after completion of GOT Course?
How much rate of returns can expect while on completion of BOT Course?
Which are Second line Greeks ?
What is the Difference between First and Second line Greeks ?
Which are First line Greeks ?
Meaning of Greeks
Importance of Greeks
Which topics you are going to cover in Greek Options Trader ?
Does GOT include all the parts of BOT (Basic Options Trader) ?
Can I Trade after GOT ?
What will I Learn after GOT (Greek Options Trader) Workshop ?
What is FinBroadcaster ?
I know Options, strategies & all then why should opt your EOW Course
How much rate of returns can expect while on completion of EOW Course?
How you will provide EOW Online Module course?
What is price of EOW course ?
What are the strategies will be included in EOW Course?
What are the course adds on with EOW course ?
What are the benefit I can gain with EOW course ?
Who can do EOW Course ?
What is the difference between Expert Options Writer & Greek Options Trader ?
Why should I opt Expert Options Writer Course ?
What you are going to cover in Expert Options Writer Course ?
What is Expert Options Writer ?
What additional benefits I will get with BOT Course?
Fee of BOT Course?
Are your prices reasonable ?
How will you provide BOT Online Module ?
How to book BOT?
Do we need any basic qualification for BOT course?
Why should I do BOT?
Topics Covered in BOT
What will I Learn after BOT
What is BOT / Focus of BOT?
Can I make trading in FinTester?

No & Yes... No-because FinTester not allowing you for live market Trading. Yes - Because it is giving you a simulated Trading Environment on Past EOD data of Nifty

What are the Minimum system Requirement for FinGraph?
What are the Features of EasyRMS
Price of EasyRMS
Who can use EasyRMS?
Importance of EasyRMS
Can I square off the position directly from RMS Software
What type of reports EasyRMS provides
Does EasyRMS provides Portfolio Greeks
Should I run EasyRMS on Internet ?
Will I Get NSE Eq / Derivatives data in EasyRMS?
What are the Minimum system Requirement for EasyRMS ?
Can I manage my Client Portfolio in EasyRMS?
Can I run FinBroadcaster on internet?
Should I get data from FinBroadcaster to Odin / Now / GETS / Nest ?
What are the Features of FinBraodcaster
Importance of FinBroadcaster
For whom?
Price of FinBraodcaster ?
How to get Demo of FinBroadcaster?
What type of reports FinBroadcaster Provides ?
Does FinBroadcaster provides Portfolio Greeks
What is FinExcel
Excel I am seeing in VolHedge then why should I purchase FinExcel ?
What is main purpose fo FinExcel ?
I can make all this in Microsoft Excel then why should use FinExcel?
In FinExcel shall I trade ?
What are the Features of FinExcel
Importance of FinExcel
Can I square off the position directly from FinExcel
For whom FinExcel Software very useful?
What type of reports FinExcel Provides ?
Does FinExcel provides Portfolio Greeks
What is FinGraph Software?
FinGraph Ploting Intraday Graphs or EOD Graphs?
Is FinGraph Providing Historical Graphs ?
Can I use Technical Indicators in FinGraph ?
What are the features of FinGraph Software
For whom FinGraph Software will very useful?
Is FinGraph showing Buying or Selling Signal?
What are the benefits from FinGraph Software ?
How you will install FinGraph Software ?
From where FinSimulator will get data?
Do I need to clear NNF for using FinSimulator?
What are the Features of FinSimulator
Importance of FinSimulator ?
Can I square off the position directly from FinSimulator?
For whom FinSimulator Software very useful?
Price of FinSimulator
How to get Demo of FinSimulator
What type of reports FinSimulator Provides ?
Does FinSimulator provides Portfolio Greeks ?
I am an Individual Trader. I know about Greeks & Strategies. How should I get access to FIST?
Should I run FIST on Internet ?
What are the minimum System requirement for FIST?
Isn't Algorithm Trading Banned in India ?
What is FIST Software ?
What are the Features of FIST Software ?
Price of FIST Software ?
For whom?
Importance of FIST Software ?
What type of reports FIST Software provides?
Does FIST Software provides Portfolio Greeks?
Price of FinExcel
In VolHedge software, if I after Exported in Excel format will it updated real time volatility?
Why should I test my strategy?
what makes me to trade on that data (VolHedge)
How data works & receive in VolHedge?
How FinTester Software Works ?
I want software which shows strategy behavior with live & where we will get into action?
How should I get a Data in VolHedge software so that I can know the actual strategies can show me the P&L.?
What is the diference between Greeks Oracle softwae & VolHedge Software ?
Should I manage my Currency portfolio in VolHedge
Should I manage my Client Portfolio in VolHedge ?
Is there any scheme/offer in VolHedge Software ?
I am new in options trading. Will it be difficult for me to use ?
How it is different from other market software.?
Will it gives good amount of returns in options trading?
Can we trade in VolHedge Software?
Will you give a demo of VolHedge Software ?
Will you give a training in VolHedge Software ?
How should I buy VolHedge Software?
What are the charges of VolHedge Software?
How can we purchase VolHedge Software?
In VolHedge Software can we see strategies wise ?
Is VolHedge Software works on Real Time & Volalitiy
Is your VolHedge Software give buy & sell signal?
Who will benefit while using VolHedge Software?
Is it difficulty to use your VolHedge Software?
Is your VolHedge Software is very important for options trader ?
What are the features in VolHedge Software ?
How VolHedge software works?
What is VolHedge Software?
Does FinTester provides Portfolio Greeks ?
What type of reports FinTester Provides ?
How to get Demo of FinTester
Price of FinTester
For whom FinTester Software very useful?
Can I square off the position directly from FinTester?
Importance of FinTester ?
What are the Features of FinTester
Is FinTester Including Tick by Tick data ?
Should I Test Currency strategies in FinTester ?
How Many Strategies should I test In FinTester?
Is FinTester having Stock / Currency data ?
What is FinTester Software?
What is FinSimulator ?
What is FinBroadcaster ?
What is EasyRMS
How it make Delta Management
Which Segment Fist can Trade?
Who can use your service called Business Development Consultancy in Options.

"A) Member of an Exchange B) Sub Brokers / Dealers C) Speculators / Arbitragers / Jobbers can take benefit from Business Develpement Consultancy Service."

How will you help me in my Business Development
Charges for Business Development
Since when you will provide me the report?
Will you visit my place or I have to come at your place for Testing this strategy ?
What you are going to include in Strategy Testing Report ?
Is this a short term strategy ?
What is the minimum investment amount for Nify Low Risk Strategy
What is the machanism of Nifty Low risk Strategy?
How can I invest money in this product
Do I need to open new Trading account
Can I trade this Strategy at my end
What is Nifty Low Risk Strategy
What is your service called FinIdeas Strategy Testing ?
What is your service Called Customised Algo Development
What is the concept of Business Development Cosultancy in Options?