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Finideas Strategy Testing
Test & Apply


The Main object is to facilitate end user to get his ideas tested with the help of modern technology and past data.

Testing Modules:

Sr. No. Module Description
1 Close to close ( EOD Data ) In this module,idea will be tested on close to close data (Data available from January 2009)
2 Tick by Tick ( Past market recordings ) In this module idea will be tested on day by day recording of market. It is as good as trading in live trading environment (Data Available from January 2012)
3 Simulation in Live Market Here idea will be tested in live market in stimulated environment.
4 Live Market Testing Testing with trades in Live Market. Here Profit, Loss & Investment will be borne by Client

Testing Environment:

  • People can come at our end can test the strategies with us
  • People can ask us to come at their end and test the Strategies
  • People can ask us to connect them through remote application and test the Strategies
  • People can give us the task and would like to get final conclusion

* Testing of only derivative strategies are possible.

Testing Environment:

  • Traders
  • Investors,
  • Arbitrageurs,
  • Team Leaders
  • Research Analyst
  • Fund Managers
  • Jobber

Sample video :

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