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An Options Greek Management Tool

VolHedge is an Options Greek Management Tool. It is very important tool for all options traders to handle realtime risk and maximize returns. The analysis screen helps to analyse the whole portfolio of Option in terms of Greeks and volatility and profitability. You can also analyse your portfolio in terms of different strategies.

Scenario analysis window predicts portfolio payoff and Greeks with respect to changes in Spot, Volatility and Time. You can simulate your strategy and can view profit and loss on different scenarios and combinations.

Volhedge provides Gap up Gap Down analysis window where you can analyse your portfolio MTM at next day's gap up gap down opening.s

Market Watch of VolHedge application includes many strategies which are running in current market trends.

VolHedge also provides you the Sigma Ranges for Volatility for better prediction of market range.

Sample video :

Main Features:

  • Calculates Implied Volatility of options on real-time basis. A must for Traders.
  • Impact of X % Price Change with Y % Volatility Change on P/L figure – Watch it LIVE
  • Greeks Calculation through liquid option of same strike price when either Call or Put goes illiquid.
  • P/L of Portfolio ascertainable at any point of time.
  • Month wise Portfolio Greeks.
  • Inbuilt compatibility to calculate Margin through SPAN Software.
  • Transaction Charges calculation for initiation as well as square-off of trades.
  • Alerts on Price, Greeks or Profit/ Loss.
  • Summary of Script wise Greeks and Profit / Loss.
  • Charts of Profit and Loss of Option Greeks of a day as well as full maturity at different Spot Prices.
  • Charts of Greeks and Profit /Loss on the click of a mouse
  • Online Market watches availability with Implied Volatility.
  • Tool for Options research.
  • Allows research on bhavcopy.
  • It works in Online and Offline mode

Other Features :

  • Auto/Manual uploading of trades from Trading Terminal to VolHedge.
  • User can insert his open position manually or can upload portfolio through MS Excel.
  • Compatibility with MS-Excel allows Import or Export of data.
  • Calculates Greeks on the basis of Futures or Equity.
  • Select or unselect the positions in portfolio to see the Scenario Analysis.
  • Scenario Data in Tabular Form compatible with MS-Excel.
  • User can create large number of Portfolios in Market watch.
  • Day wise summary of Transaction cost.
  • User can settle his account on maturity by uploading bhavcopy of maturity day.
  • Software is compatible with almost all the known Trading Software like Neat, Neat plus, NOW, FIST, Odin, ODIN Diet, GETS etc.

New Features:

  • Scripwise Market Watch
  • Range Calculator with Standard Deviation

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Annual Rent Price Per Copy Outright Purchase Price Per Copy
Rs. 10,000 Rs. 20,000

Special Offer:

Copy Ordered Free Copy Total Copy
1 0 1
7 1 8
15 3 18
30 7 37
50 15 65


  1. This Software is useful for whom?
    It’s useful for all who like Options Trading. Eg: Traders, Researchers, Students etc.
  2. I am very new to Options Market, will this software be useful for me?
    This is useful for all. New-comers will enjoy its ease of use.
  3. I am trading through internet, Will this work for internet?
    Yes, This works on internet but feed is delayed by 1 Min.
  4. What type of indication or Article this Software Provide me?
    Volhedge will provide your Options Greeks, Margin Utilised, Scenario etc. All relevant information required for Options Trading.
  5. If I find any problem in using this software, Will you provide us any support?
    Yes, we have dedicated support team to assist you. They are available on all days except National Holidays.
  6. How can I Buy this Software?
    You can make direct payment via Payment Gateway or call on support - 09374985600.
  7. What is infrastructure you will need to run this software?
    Just a PC/Laptop (XP or Windows 7) and Leaseline/Internet/TCP connectivity.
  8. Does this software provide Scenario Analysis, Option Chain etc?
    Yes it provides all essential features required by Option Trader. Click on feature link to know more.
  9. How your software different from other market software?
    It’s Live, Easy to use and Light application.
  10. Do you Provide demo of the software?
    Yes - We provide 7 days Demo.




Terms & Conditions:

  • At the time of outright purchase, 20% AMC will be charged from second year.
  • Service Tax & VAT extra.
  • The first level of support and debugging of the software will be provided through internet based remote software.
  • All payments to be made by A/c Payee Cheque/D.D. in favour of “Finideas Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd.”
  • Bank details for fund transfer:

    Account Name : FinIdeas Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
    Account No. : 02512560022554
    Banker : HDFC Bank Ltd.
    Branch : Udhana Darwaja, Surat
    IFSC CODE : HDFC0000251